BY CARLY BRAHIM: Executive Director ||

So Eva and I met at Ditta Artigianale, a specialty coffee shop in Florence, Italy that has been challenging the status quo of Italian coffee culture. The first time I walked into Ditta I was shocked to see the variety of coffees, blends, and brewing options for their filtered coffee. Most afternoons I would take a break and stop by for a coffee and Eva would always ask how my day was going.  Her warmth, kindness, and curiosity was comforting for me since I had just moved from New York and I didn’t know anyone. Eva quickly learned that I was an ESL teacher so we decided that I would help her with English and she would help me with my Italian.

It was through our English lessons that we got to knowing each other. Eva is from Lecce, a small town in Puglia, in the south of Italy.  She has been working in service for three years and has developed a passion for educating and passing her knowledge of Ditta’s coffee with her customers. From the coffees origin, to the plantations where the beans are grown, to preparation of the cup, Eva is committed to sharing the art, craft, and quality of coffee with the world.  She had the opportunity to do this when she competed in the Italian Latte Art Championship last year. Because she is such a badass barista, she came out in 4thplace –  a huge accomplishment for Eva and the Ditta Artigianale team!

When she’s not competing, Eva is pouring museum-worthy lattes. The designs she creates are different for everyone, but I remember the last one she made me was a perfect rose, much too pretty to sip.  One morning I decided to watched her make my cup. She packed the espresso with such precision, warmed the milk to just the right temperature, and moved her steady hand in this particular top-down motion, creating a masterpiece within minutes.

Eva’s love and passion for coffee is exhibited in every cup she pours. Be sure to stop by Ditta and ask her to whip you up her signature latte. You won’t be disappointed.