DANKE @zebulonLA

AUGUST 1st at Zebulon: If you’ve ever been to the Zebulon you know, it’s a special place. There’s the cafe in the front and the huge open air patio that wraps around the side and spills out into the parking lot. You can get to the back bar and the venue from there. It’s rare I’d say that you can suck down a cigarette and in two steps be back inside with eyes on the stage. Everyone’s out tonight from the Group. Some of the old guard from Gjelina, a lot of the crew from Gjusta, and a couple of the rowdier ones from MTN. 


Shane Allen aka Danke works there when she’s not making music, MTN, the dimly lit, black tar and wood stained Japanese izakaya joint on Abbot Kinney helmed by Chef Travis. He’s here too, dipping on a tequila and tonic by the DJ booth where Helen is spinning Brazilian funk in between sets. 


I’m outside making fun of Stu’s sheepskin jacket while smoking one of his cigarettes, leaning against the door, and I hear the music change so I stomp out what’s left and slip inside. A lot of the crowd came for the Foxtrails set earlier, but I really wanted to see Danke. It’s certainly a different stage presence. It’s not seven guys with instruments up there, it’s just her and her blue hair and her soundboard. The stage looks much bigger with just her up there, and in a flash I feel the vulnerability of being all alone on a stage. 


Even if she does, Danke doesn’t show it. She’s a lightning rod on the stage of electric pop, one song after another. Some songs to dance to, although few people really are cutting loose in this cool crowd; and some songs don’t make you want to dance at all, but first lap your feet, then all of a sudden come like a tidal wave rush of emotion that makes the hairs on your arms stand on end.