FOXTRAILS @zebulonla

Foxtrails takes the stage at 9:45. The floor is packed out from the stage to the bar, and the stadium seating is full. They’re a large ensemble of a band: two guitarists, Blake McLeod (who works @gjelinarestaurant and Michael Brenner (who works @gjustabakery); two drummers, Micah Sohl (a Gjusta alum) and Dylan Grombacher; Dane Sandborg (who also works at Gjelina) on bass, Cory Yamashiro on keyboard, and Nikita Sorokin on the violin. It’s one big exquisitly manicured family.

The music is slow to rise out of the depths and brings with it on its upward path all the souls in the room so that at times it feels like we’re floating, levitating on the vibrating air just above the bar floor. At its peak, the music is a sound bath meditation, the union of voices and instruments in an undeniably polished crescendo that finds you in the mountains, just under the treeline at twilight. Then they break into something a little funkier from the new album.