I’VE learned a lot from this kid, which is something to say in my mind because he’s so much younger than I. There’s a smart in his eyes that’s cool and collecting chess pieces in plain sight and it’s all right because he’s knows how to smile.

Like any seductive misanthrope, he has his demons. We all do. What he doesn’t do though is let those demons define him. At least he tries not to. He lets his photography do that. And he doesn’t just dip his toes in. That’s not his style. He’s always been the dive in head-first type.

“Some moments are so beautiful that it’d be a crime to let them pass without a picture. I’ve enjoyed taking photos for some time now; of people, of places. I love really getting in the zone, like athletes or writers do, and then I’m really off and running. It can be a black hole sometimes. I could edit photos for hours, literally. I push everything else to the side.”