words and photos by:

DEVON FISHER from Gjelina


Bathroom stall
Debit card in a foreign country
Gjusta baguettes

I’ve been taking photographs since 2009 so I guess I can finally say I’ve done something for “over a decade”. It’s getting pretty close with restaurant work too; I don’t know if there’s any correlation there…

Just before I flew to Ireland I received an invitation to test out Adobe’s new smartphone Photoshop Camera. The simple pitch of applying Photoshop’s retouching algorithms to what are essentially Snapchat filters was an exciting one for me, largely because my favorite way of testing new software is to find its limitations by using it incorrectly until it breaks. I end up in the same headspace as Schroedinger with his damn cat; The product is both beautiful and simply awful before I push the “break” button. In this instance, what I ended up with is a set of Portrait Mode Landscapes that broke in the right ways.