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Featured ArtIST




JAIME MARTINEZ is works the counter and sometimes the patio at Gjusta Bakery in Venice. When he’s got a day off you can bet he’s riding up through Mid-City where he grew up, or up in the Hollywood Hills with the valley on one side and the city on the other. He’s got a as much of an eye for composition as he does for vibe.

[The photo up top is another one of his self-portraits.]

THE AUSSIE Photographer

MATTY CHATBURN is one part of the bar management team at Gjusta Bakery in Venice. He’ll be out of the public eye though for the moment on paternity leave what with the birth of his second child. He has dreams of opening his own spot on day, serving Australian cuisine and coffee and of course a couple beer varietals, but other than his two children of course, his passion lies in photography. It’s how he met his wife. It’s where he finds solace and a sturdy rudder in the chaotic storm that is sometimes life. 


JOSH CHANDLER is an enigma to say the least. There’s all the good hallmarks of a true creative: attention to detail, efficiency, a passion for art, a chip on the shoulder, and a healthy dash of fuck-offery. He’s been bouncing around LA restaurants for some time now, always looking for a place that allows him the time to do what needs to get done: painting.