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Away with soft intentions, the world does not wait for you and I,
that is why I sit here, upright, with coffee on my breath,
and today on my mind
I can hear tomorrow calling out to me, demanding my attention,
saying that today is yesterdays news,
years of prior join in with gentle yet piercing whispers,
persuading me to enter the wasteland of expired habits,
too many times I have ridden the dangerous pendulum that swings from anxiety to
depression, unrelenting, futile,
giving the illusion that I am going somewhere,
though it is quicksand underneath me,
the world will not wait for you and I,
that is why I sit here, upright,
with coffee on my breath and today on my mind,
right here and right now, the grass has never been greener,
nor the sky bluer, nor the world sweeter.
try to tell me otherwise,
sell me the fruits of tomorrow, premature they will be,
and without substance,
sell me the fruits of yesterday, rotten they will be,
I’ve exhausted both markets more than is necessary!
I won’t stress over fruits I can’t digest,
so then, I shall not look any further than right here,
right now, for the peace that knows no time, nor place,
which breathes the moment at hand,
protecting all who dwell in its arms,
you can’t encapsulate it, this wickedly perfect intangible thing,
it will evade you over and over again until
you immerse yourself into the unknown that lay forever in your heart, I know,
these words are obscure and perhaps meaningless to some,
although I only wish to describe the truth that has been, is,
and always will be in my life,
indeed this is all a drama, and by default, I am dramatic,
so I come forward with vivid intentions,
sitting upright and alert in this chair,
with coffee on my breath, today on my mind,
chances gripped in my hands,
and the understanding that moments like this are as good as any.

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Venice, CA
est. 2018

(for take away); We focus on the passions and aspirations of people working in the service industry. Each printed issue tells the stories and exhibits work from the good folks at one particular restaurant.