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Breakfast Frittata
from Le Great Outdoor
BEACH BREAKFAST FRITTATA; After getting out of the water, the air was  a little brisk. The sun  hadn’t come out yet, but it was starting to. Even after drying off there was still the feel of ocean and salt on the skin. In no time, chef got the flame going in a nearby fire pit, and started chopping. We wanted to help, but he casually declined, his hands blasting away at the market vegetables without looking. After all, he said, “We only brought one chef’s knife. Actually, here; you can peel these garlic.”


6                           eggs

1                           red bell pepper

½                         onion minced

6 cloves              garlic confit

1 tablespoon       butter

1 bunch               parsley

1                           potato

1 teaspoon           fennel

1 tablespoon       parmesean

Venice, CA
est. 2018

(for take away); We focus on the passions and aspirations of people working in the service industry. Each printed issue tells the stories and exhibits work from the good folks at one particular restaurant.