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GENERAL OVERVIEW OF SELF: I’ve always leaned towards more right brain subjects. Growing up I had a great love for music; listening to it, playing instruments and basking in the emotions I would feel from a particular song. I’ve always been a deep thinker, which has its pros and cons. I’m drawn to spirituality, human relations; philosophy, psychology; astronomy, and biology. I enjoy thinking about and applying the evolution of the history of our world and everyone who has walked the earth to the present day moment. Theology fascinate me. Astrophysics fascinates me. Despite my passion for some of these subjects, I don’t think I want to be a teacher. I also have a deep background in sports and exercise. There are several sports that I love to watch and play and I believe the real gold are the metaphors/life lessons woven into the fabric of that world such as: interdependence, cooperation; perseverance, mental toughness, and humility.

I’ve also come to place great value on exercise and physique. I don’t feel good when I go too long with out exercise or sport. I’m a likable person and I’ve always had a knack for blending in with any sort of crowd due to the diversity of my interests and friendliness, although, I treasure my “me” time and don’t always have the best social endurance.

I’m an organized person who enjoys spontaneity and impulsiveness in the appropriate setting. I love the game of chess and other strategic boardgames. I don’t think I’m nearly as left brained as I am right but I understand the fusion of the two is often integral in making decent money. When I applied myself, I was always fairly competent in the STEM field subjects, however none of them ever piqued my interest which is what concerns me. I understand our world is one that now favors the tech-savvy, digital and data geek types but frankly I couldn’t stand the idea of going into an office for 8 hours to sit behind a computer. My father and brother are both in sales and my mom is a teacher. Lastly, I am a family and people person before anything. I know that I want to make a solid salary -nothing crazy- but certainly one that will support me and hopefully a family one day..

I value the relationships/human experience in my life more than anything so whatever job I go for I wouldn’t want to be demanded of working 50+ hour work weeks. Aside from all of this mumbo jumbo about myself, I still think life is a big ol’ fuckin mystery…

That reveals its true colors slowly along the way at random or relative times. A guy like myself doesn’t know what he wants to do because sometimes he wishes the power to do everything at once, alternatively sometimes he wishes to do nothing at all. I suppose the key to this dilemma lies in choosing a side and sticking to it. You can’t be on both sides in a tug of war. Either I’ll win, or I’ll gain traction, get close, lose, and then pick the rope back up and try again, with the goal to get closer and closer every time.
Work experience: The gist of my work experience is in the service industry – restaurants. In the last three years I have done just about all there is to do in a restaurant. I’ve been a busboy, food runner, expeditor, server, I’ve worked the deli station preparing cheese and charcuterie plates and I’ve been a barista. I did it all at the same place and have finally moved up and settled in at the supervisor position. This particular restaurant has served as a constant environment for growth and new challenges. I’ve watched my work ethic develop further than I thought it could along with my professionalism and attitude. I have many thanks to give to them although I am ready for something bigger.

Venice, CA
est. 2018

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